Why Documentation Is Very Important for Software Development?

This is mainly a written material, video, image instruction that comes with computer software. The software documentation helps in explaining how to use a service or a program. There is a mainly different type of software documentation such as:

  • Requirements documentation
  • Architecture documentation
  • Technical documentation
  • End-user documentation

In software development, documentation is a key activity that must not be ignored. The more detailed and defined documentation of your project, the better your team will understand what do they need exactly to achieve to make your product thrive.

The codes are needed to be reviewed, unit tests, and automation tests apart from writing, and designing. Documentation is given the least attention which is not right. Documentation is one of the best solutions that can help you in feature if you want to make any changes. It�s very important to take out the extra time to write a proper description that will help in saving a huge amount in the future.

Documentation Will Make Coding Easy:

If anyone wants to understand what exactly happens inside your coding then all you have to do is point them to the documentation. This will help in saving a lot of time as they don�t have to depend on you. If being a developer if you want to understand anything then this even helps you a lot.

  • The codes that are used in creating features are very complicated. When looking at one section of code may not make it clear several other sections are deeply linked to it.
  • All the service comes with a unique API with it. Documentation is needed when writing how to use those API that can be read outside the code.
  • The co-workers in another department can even read the documentation and can know how it works properly.
  • The code you wrote will help in act differently when you look at it. You can even change things if they don�t meet your expectations.

Importance of Software Documentation:

  1. Clarify your business goals, requirements and activities: With a proper documentation, you can share the business goals and requirement with your managers and team mates so that they have a clear vision and goals and the activity they perform will be more towards the success.
  2. Design and Specify your product: This comes in Architectural/Design documents and it gives you complete overview of how your products look like.
  3. Everything is clearly explained: When you makes End User documentation of the product of software, you have to explain each and everything about its working. It describes each feature of the program, and assists the user in realizing these features.
  4. Any body can work on other�s code: If you are a developer, it is not sufficient to write good codes only but you also need to take cares about the documentation part, which can be helpful to other developers while working in a team.
  5. Helpful in proper communication: A good software documentation is helpful in proper communication. The written procedure helps you to make interaction within several departments.

Documentation may be in the form of time records, daily reports by a project manager, schedules, photographs, videos, correspondence either by a letter or an email or fax, filing, or by information logs. The importance of documentation is so tremendous, many project managers are now terming it their top priority while managing any kind of work.

  • Documentation is the best, and sometimes the only way you can keep a record of the work done, the strategies used, the changes that occurred and all the little specifics an average human mind is capable of forgetting. Knowing the history of the project is essential for the current plan of action as well as how you proceed in the future.
  • Your clients want answers all the time. So does your team and your own boss! Last but not the least and very importantly so, you yourself need answers too. Documentation helps you deal with all these queries.
  • While carrying out a project, you may need to document every other thing to protect your own self from being accused falsely. People tend to blame project managers for whatever goes wrong. Documentation in the form of letters, emails, photographs or schedules is proof that protects you from lawsuits or other complications later on.
  • Documentation is evidence of a good project management. It helps you track activities related to the project, find out if time constraints are being met, monitor productivity and plan for the future. A good project manager will never leave any loose ends to his project.
  • By carrying out this important task, the project manager and the stakeholders are all expecting the same outcomes. There are no unpleasant surprises and no unknown risks.
  • Conflicts, disagreements and problems amongst all parties seldom arise. When all aspects of the project are right in front of everyone, it leaves little room for argument.
  • Documentation also helps every individual member involved to have complete knowledge of their responsibilities, have a clear idea of what is expected from them and how they need to manage their work.
  • If the correct record keeping protocol is followed, it gives the project manager complete control over the project by being the best source of knowledge for the entire team.
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