Today, one of the most important parameters for the success of any business, in addition to having a website, is the digitization of business processes and systems, which in addition to facilitating the provision of services, increases your control over your business and you can serve a wider range of customers.
Raznameh is a software company based in the United Kingdom. We hired the top 20% talented workforce of Asia and Eastern Europe.We use the latest technologies in software development, and we implement the best software development methodology to bring your idea to reality.
Raznameh isn’t just a software company. It is a company that can offer you a diverse set of services. Raznameh will be your advisor in all of your IT stages. we will be by your side and use our partners to provide the best approach. Raznameh analyzes your business and turns it into a plan.
We are a software development company that combines Europeans’ quality and work management with Asian and Eastern European programmers’ efforts. We now claim to be fully capable of offering low-cost and high-quality software production services.Let's talk about our core values.