We Are Here to

Lead your idea to reality


We decided

To help startups

If you have low investment but with great idea we will pay part of your development cost by our services with equity share.

We Empower Startups And Enable Them Reach New Heights! We believe in collaborative approach so as to groom the entrepreneurs throughout their startup journey and further enhance their business models and refine their monetization Model.


We give realistic web development services to your startup business. We implement your ideas to create the website which best reflects your startup and give your brand an identity.


Develop secure, clean-coded, responsive and fully documented web app development for your startup business with us. Our solid foundation will help your startup to be adaptable and scalable.

Consultation service

Our dedicated mentors give entrepreneurs the guidance, technical and practical advice for their specific business needs, helping the startups to learn and grow in this competitive industry


We give your startup website the on going maintenance to make them safe and secure. From monitoring the services to install security patches, managed cloud hosting and bug fixing, we serve you with the best.

Support & maintenance

We are ready to take care of your platform in different support format from official time to 24*7 supporting system.

How we work with your startup product

1. Project Discovery

First we help you to develop a strategy and define goals. Work with our consultants to find the key feature that defines your product and establish the project scope.

2. Agile Software Development

Having defined the requirements, our developers start laying the foundations for the build. By the time the design is finalized, the tech team is ready to integrate it with the functionality and do its development magic. Already at this stage, the project undergoes rigorous testing to ensure a successful introduction to the market.

3. Project Launch

After rigorous testing and closed beta for the selected few customers we open up the tool for the more general public. The project is ready within 8 weeks of work.

4. Further Product Development

After this milestone, we can help you with marketing efforts and ongoing product development and enhancements.


How we will help startups